Arts Etc.

Arts and Crafts Show and Rain Barrel Auction

The Town of Cicero is pleased to announce the 2nd annual Arts Etc. Arts and Crafts Show and Rain Barrel Auction June 8th.  It will take place at the Cicero Farmer’s Market to raise money for improvements to the Cicero Parks.  18 rain barrels have been donated by the Cicero Storm Water Board to be decorated by local artists and organizations.  These barrels will be on display for several weeks prior to the event to raise awareness of storm water issues and water conservation.  Once the barrels are on display, people will be able to vote for their favorite People’s Choice on the town website

The event and Farmer’s Market will include displays by local artists, Plain Air Painters, Art Classes will be available by local artists during the day, Do It Yourself information about Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels, along with information on flowers and native plants. There will be specials, deals and events going on at businesses and restaurants all throughout Cicero. This event will be held in conjunction with the Nickel Plate Arts Weekend.  Stay tuned to the Town of Cicero website, or follow us on Facebook @ Cicero Indiana.