The Town of Cicero is a known for its wonderful Parks and Recreation areas.

Cicero Community Park

1359 Stringtown Pike

Cicero, IN 46034

(At the corner of Stringtown Pike and Brinton St.)


Red Bridge Community Park and Marina

697 W. Jackson St.

Cicero, IN 46034

(At the Entrance to Morse Landing Subdivision)



Cicero is also known as a destination for those interested in cycling.  Here are several links to websites that have routes in our area:

Bicycle Meet Ups

Cycling USBR35 takes amateurs and avid roadsters through iconic farm fields, charming downtowns,  along urban bike paths and over (very) gently rolling hills. Whether you travel ten miles or one hundred, you will experience an iconic Midwestern landscape that is  affordable, safe, and fun.  Adventure-seekers, cycling fanatics, racers, families and tourists will enjoy the rural scenery of Indiana, a plethora of outdoor activities, local eateries and small town personalities that make USBR35 not just a bike route, but a unique traveling excursion.


Locate just to the east of Cicero is one of the greatest well known secrets in the Hamilton County Parks Department.  Strawtown Koteewi Park is 750-acre park that includes a canoe launch on the White River for boating and fishing, nature trails for hiking or cycling, equestrian trails for riding, and wetlands and prairies for enjoying the park’s natural beauty.