2012 Art and Rain Barrel Auction

The Town of Cicero is pleased to announce that Saturday, June 2ndan Arts and Rain Barrel Auction will take place at the Cicero Farmer’s Market to raise money for the Cicero Parks Department for Downtown Beautification.  13 rain barrels have been donated by the Cicero Storm Water Board to be decorated by local artists and organizations.  These barrels will be on display for two weeks prior to the event to raise awareness of water conservation and recycling.  People will be able to vote for their favorite People’s Choice on this website.The event and Farmer’s Market will include displays by local artists, Plain Air Painters, Art Classes will be available by local artists during the day, Do It Yourself information about Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels, along with flower and native plant vendors. There will be specials, deals and events going on at businesses and restaurants all throughout Cicero during this fun and exciting event. Stay tuned  to this website or follow us on Facebook @ Cicero Indiana.


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Background: A rain barrel is a plastic container that catches water runoff from roofs by attaching a drainpipe to the barrel. This container allows users to recycle water resources and help reduce storm water runoff. Storm water runoff is water from rain or snowfall that flows from rooftops, across streets and through grass to the nearest body of water. During the water’s journey to the larger body of water, several pollutants are mixed with the water along the way including motor oil, grease, gas, animal waste, fertilizers and herbicides. This unclean water eventually becomes mixed with our drinking water. By utilizing a rain barrel, the amount of unclean water flowing towards sewer treatment facilities is reduced while decreasing the amount of runoff pollution thereby helping our rivers, lakes and streams stay clean. A rain barrel will also lower a person’s water bill while creating an alternative source of water during times of drought or between rainfalls. The Town of Cicero is committed to reducing the amount of unclean water polluting our water resources by facilitating the Arts and Rain Barrel Auction. In cooperation with the Cicero Storm Water Board, and the Hamilton County Soil and Water District, the Town of Cicero is encouraging our local residents to incorporate green practices into their lives.


Booth Space for Farmer’s Market and Art Show

Interested in having a booth at the Art Show and Farmer’s Market?  Download this Registration Form and get yourself entered.  All types of art are welcome including demonstration booths, exhibit booths, and art for sale.  Booth rent is free for this day only.  We are also looking for booths that will have your normal Farmer’s Market Crafts, fruits and vegetables, etc.  Thank you for your participation and we hope to see you there.


The Hamilton County Artists Association will be hosting the 4th Annual Gathering of Plein Air Painters from May 31st through June 2nd this year.  The HCAA invites artists from all over the United States to come to Hamilton County and capture the beauty of different venues throughout the area by painting outdoors in the fresh air.  To find out more about the event visit www.nickelplatearts.org or if you are interested in having a specific spot painted you can download the Purchase Patrons Award information here.  This is an opportunity to have your house, landscape, building or business painted by a professional and have it for your very own.