June 22, 2020 News

June 12th, 2020

To whom it may concern,

Aspire Indiana received a grant that will allow us to assist Hamilton County Veterans that received discharge other than dishonorable from military branches of Navy, Reserves,                                           Army, Air Force,Coast Guard and Marines.       ·

This assistance is a case by case basis that can be used to assist with Utility, Rental Arrears, Rent, Security Deposit, Mortgage assistance, Transportation expenses, Employment related items and food.

We are asking that if you encounter a Military Veteran that is in need of this type of assistance that you would refer them to Emily Quillen at Aspire for assistance.

We are hoping that we will receive this grant in 2021to assist more Veteran that have these needs.

Emily Pence Quillen

SSVF HROS (317)-503-2524


Aspire Indiana Grant for Hamilton County Veterans