August 26, 2014 News

Chief Steve Peachey of Cicero Fire Department along with Indiana State Fire Marshall Jim Greeson, were invited to attend a summit in Denver, Colorado by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency).  NFPA is the organization that develops the standards for fire protection throughout the nation.  Fire Marshall Greeson and Chief Peachey were selected to attend and participate in a round table discussion regarding residential fire sprinkler system safety.  Chief Peachey was recognized by NFPA, after his testimony before the Indiana state legislators, as being an advocate for residential sprinkler systems in townhouses.  Chief Peachey was picked by his peers to represent the Indiana Fire Chiefs for the legislative session in 2013 and again in 2014.  Fire safety in Cicero and the surrounding communities in northern Hamilton County have always been a top priority of Chief Peachey.

In 2012, the Town of Cicero and the Cicero Fire Department requested a new evaluation of the Insurance Service Organizations rating.   Progressive moves were taken within the fire department to improve prior to the evaluation.  The changes implemented included new equipment, updated equipment, changes in staffing and training prior to the evaluation.  The town also improved upon the water supply and maintenance of hydrants. From these changes, the Town of Cicero improved their rating from a 6/8 to a 4 classification.  This measurement is used by insurance companies in evaluating homeowner’s insurance rates based on the delivery of emergency services.  Cicero is among the top 7% of elite cities, towns, and townships in the state of Indiana with a protection rating of 4 or below.  Cicero Volunteer Fire Department is proud to have eight paid professional firefighters and twenty-four volunteers and support staff.  As well as, providing 24-hour manned Advanced Life Support ambulance services.

The Town of Cicero and Chief Peachey have taken the next step in making the residents of multi-family dwellings safer by requesting new construction to install working sprinkler systems.  Peachey will be bringing his acquired knowledge to the state to help reduce deaths in residential fires.