October 17, 2014 News
Cicero fire Department is proud to honor Battalion Chief John DeCamp upon his retirement of 32 dedicated years of service. On Friday October 17th we will host an open house open to from 3pm to 6pm. We invite everyone to stop by Cicero Fire Department at 1359 Stringtown Pike to congratulate John and reflect on his many years of service to his community as a firefighter and emergency medical technician.

Battalion Chief DeCamp started with Cicero Fire as a Volunteer in January 10 1983. He went on to become a full time employee in January 1st 1991. John was appointed to the Rank of Battalion Chief by the Late Billie Scherer in 1995. He has obtained numerous certifications as a Fire Officer including, Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, Arson Investigator and Fire Instructor just to name a few. John has been a great leader and a mentor to up and coming firefighters and EMT’s

As a dedicated family man, John looks forward to spending time with his wife Peggy, their three children and nine grandchildren. John said that he wants to keep busy with projects and hopes to get a fifth wheel and travel in the future.

Battalion Chief DeCamp said it all when he posted this at the end of his last scheduled shift on October 1st 2014. “Well here it is my final day, final hour, final minute! 31 years 10 months of living my dream has come to the end! To all my Firefighter brothers & sisters may you hear that faintest cry after you’ve crossed through the devils doorway into the abyss of darkness to save that life & may the angles on your shoulders guide you to safety! To all in EMS may you be guided to put the spark back in the life of that family member that they can’t imagine living without or keeping breaths in the infant that is too sick to breathe on its own and having compassion for the family of ones who have passed ! To the police that we work so closely with for having our back when things start to go south with the public and for keeping all of us safe! And last but not least the dispatchers, thank you so much for being that calming voice on the radio that gets us what we want no matter how out of the ordinary it seems ! And to the Late Chief Billie Scherer for being the great mentor, leader, & friend, and for making my dreams come true! Hope I did you proud Thanks to all!!!!!! 2503 to control, Control go ahead with traffic, 2503 out of service!!!!!”