December 9, 2014 News

Growing Choices for Clean Water

The Town of Cicero is a proud partner of the Clear Choices Clean Water Program. This program, focused on encouraging citizens to make small changes in their home and yard management, has made much progress over the past year and we are excited to announce our recent accomplishments and future plans.

In 2014, we received 717 new pledges from individuals dedicated to improving our water quality:

  • 261 lawn pledges = 3,610 lbs. of phosphorus averted and 887,750 lbs. of algae prevented from entering our streams and reservoirs
  • 210 pet poo pledges = 881,979 billion fecal bacteria prevented from local waters
  • 203 native plant pledges = 239,124 lbs. of sediment, 239,124 lbs. of phosphorus, 478,247 lbs. of nitrogen, and 119,561,754 lbs. of algae kept out of local waters


  • 43 septic system pledges = up to 3,295,950 gallons of untreated wastewater kept out of local waters

Given the success of our existing program, we have plans to expand the program to include new pledge choices. We are creating at least three new pledges in the near future: a water conservation pledge including indoor and outdoor water conservation options, a service pledge giving pledgees the option to volunteer for service days or volunteer monitoring programs, and a youth pledge to allow our younger generations to learn more about clean water and how they can help make a difference.

Help us make Clear Choices Clean Water even more successful in 2015 – visit and take a pledge or become a sponsor or partner! Together, we can make a difference for our local water quality!