August 15, 2013 News

The Town of Cicero is excited to announce there will be a new addition to the Red Bridge Park.  The Parks Department has received a $5,500 grant from the Upper White River Watershed Alliance.  This along with $1,200 in local match go to install two new rain gardens along the shoreline of the Park.  These rain gardens help to protect Morse Reservoir be acting as a filter to the storm water and run-off from the park.

“These rain gardens are another step the Town of Cicero is taking to help protect How-Rain-Garden-works4the Reservoir and do our part to provide cleaner water for our residents to enjoy” stated Paul Munoz, Plan Director for Cicero.  According to the EPA, early 70% of the pollution in surface water, including Morse Reservoir, comes from storm water run-off.  About 50% of that pollution is from products used in yard care, household activities and from yard waste.

The Town is using the philosophy that they should lead be example. “We hope residents will see all the changes we will be making of the next couple of years to protect our most important resource and want to do their part.  That is why we are also using some of the money to provide educational signage next to the new rain gardens.  It will explain what they are, how they work, and why the Town installed them” said Charlie Cambre, Parks Superintendent.

For more information about rain gardens and how you can participate in making Morse Reservoir cleaner, visit