Last week Citizens Water began dredging Hinkle Creek at Little Chicago Rd. bridge. This is a one step removal process, meaning that the excavator dumps the sediment onto the barge, then unloads the sediment into dump trucks that haul the sediment to a dump site off of River Rd. Citizens expects the dredging of this portion of Hinkle to be a 2 year project based on budget and the amount of sediment to be removed.

Current plan and thinking: After this 2 year project, the dredging will then move to Big Cicero creek at Rt. 19 bridge. Citizens has recently received a 5 year permit for dredging from IDEM and the Army Corps of Engineers. The permitting process took about 4 years to complete to meet all the regulatory and environmental concerns by those 2 organizations.

MWA will work with the home and condo associations for additional grant funding to add to Citizens budgeted amounts for increased dredging in these areas.

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