June 16, 2021 News

P&P Golf Cars, LLC will have golf cars available to rent for the 4th of July festivities.  Delivery will be July 1st at 9:00am at the Cicero Christian Church and return and pick up of cars will be on July 5th at 9:00am at the Cicero Christian Church.  The cost per cart is below:

2 passengers:  $240.00

4 passengers:  $300.00

6 passengers:  $520.00

All cash only PLUS $10.00 for the permit fee per cart.  You must bring a slow moving sign and your auto insurance for the permit at pick up.  For additional questions and to reserve your cart, please contact Stephanie with P&P Golf Cars, LLC at 317-831-4283 or email info@pandpgolfcars.com.