Good Ideas, Inc. has collaborated with the Town of Cicero to help promote the arts and water conservation.  The program is designed in conjunction with the Nickel Plate Arts Initiative in Hamilton County, Indiana.  The Town will be hold their second annual Arts and Rain Barrel Auction in conjunction with the Nickel Plate Arts Weekend on June 8th.

The Town of Cicero, being on the water of Morse Reservoir, chose to participate by having a painted rain barrel auction.  They brought in several Rain Wizard Urns that were donated by the Cicero Storm Water Board and gave them to local artists to paint and decorate.  The auction was designed to raise awareness for storm water issues and water conservation, but also helped to promote the great local artists within the Cicero area.

The barrels were displayed along Cicero’s main street for two weeks before being auctioned off to raise money for the local Parks Department to install new rain gardens along the waters edge. “The money raised will go to extend the rain gardens that extend along the edge of Red Bridge Park to help protect the reservoir from runoff,” said Charlie Cambre, Parks Superintendent for Cicero. “We are also planning to and signage to help residents identify what a rain garden is and how they help the environment.”

Good Ideas is working with Cicero again to expand on the successful program  from last Rain-Wizard-Urn-65year.  Paul Munoz, Plan Director for Cicero said, “We contacted Good Ideas, Inc this winter to see if they would be interested in partnering with us on this great project.  Residents really loved to see the painted barrels displayed last summer.  They agreed to help us with the purchase of the rain barrels which allowed us to purchase more then last year so we could expand the program.”  Look to see the barrels on display this May.

Visit Good Ideas, Inc to see their selection of rain barrels that you could purchase to help conserve rain water and help protect one of Cicero’s greatest assets, Morse Reservoir.