The local business of SugarBean Cupcakes has been receiving a lot of well deserved attention these days. recently listed SugarBean Cupcakes among some of the “must have” treats of their one day travel trip through Indiana.  Cheryl, Owner and Operator stated, “It was an honor to be mentioned among those big names such as Holy Cow Cupcakes.  We are really proud of our little shop.”  Cheryl relocated her store to Cicero about a year ago and has since cemented her spot as a thriving small business in the community.  “We are excited to have SugarBean in Cicero” says Brett Foster, Cicero Town Council. “Small businesses and entrepreneurs, like Cheryl, play a pivotal role in adding to the small town feel and intimate atmosphere of Cicero and it enhances the quality of life for the residents.  They are what make Cicero unique.”  Click here to read the article for yourself.

Paul Munoz, Plan Director said, “Small businesses are important in creating the identity and sense of place for a community and SugarBean is doing a wonderful job of promoting that for Cicero.  We have incredible culinary artists within Cicero and it is great to see them get the recognitions they deserve.”

SugarBean also caught the eye of a well known blog, Watching What I Eat.  The blog has had over 2 million views since its conception and can also be found in Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  Below is an excerpt from the blog. EA20121029-SugarBean-Cupcakes

“When I entered the shop, I was warmly greeted by Cheryl and Stephanie, the mother/daughter duo who are the creative force behind these incredibly delicious cupcakes.  I was so impressed with the abundant cupcake selection ~ two bakery cases full of jewel colored eye-candy!  It’s all so beautifully presented, you can really see all the love and care that goes into these little beauties.”

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