December 23, 2014 News

Please note the new Scooter (Moped) laws that take effect January 1st.


Below is a brief description of the changes.   Further information can be obtained on the Indiana BMV web site.


  • All mopeds and scooters are now referred to as Motor Driven Cycles, (MDC), and are separated into two classes, A and B.


  • All mopeds and scooters must be registered and plated through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.


  • Operators of Class B MDC, which are defined as having a cylinder capacity of 50cc or less are not required to have insurance, but the operators will have to hold a valid state ID with an endorsement.  To receive an endorsement, the operator will need to pass a test over road signs at the BMV.


  • The minimum age to operate Class A MDC’s remains at 15; however, passengers are not allowed on bikes 50cc or less.


  • Drivers under the age of 18 must wear helmets..


  • The maximum speed limit is 35 mph.


  • Operators of Class A MDC’s which are defined as having a cylinder capacity over 50cc must follow all of the requirements of a motorcycle, including having a driver’s license and insurance.