June 19, 2017 News


Public input session

When:  June 28, 2017 at 7:00pm

Where:  Red Bridge Park Community Building

The Town of Cicero will conduct an Intersection Improvement Study for the intersection of Jackson Street and Main Street that studies traffic calming measures and improved safety for all modes of transportation including vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic. Additionally, this Study will be the initial piece of infrastructure improvement that enhances walkability, mobility, and connectivity between downtown Cicero and Morse Reservoir, a highly traveled corridor for bicyclists and pedestrians. This process will explore traffic calming alternatives that will promote a safe and inviting environment for the high volume of seasonal visitors to the Town of Cicero and will also function in the off-season months.

The Town of Cicero will perform a Trail Feasibility Study that enhances walkability, mobility, and connectivity between Cicero Community Park and Jackson Street and that provides opportunity for future connections as the Town of Cicero, Hamilton County, and the regional trail network continue to expand. This process will explore two primary trail alignment alternatives that will promote a corridor that is safe and inviting for a variety of potential users: along Main Street and Pearl Street. Included in the approach will be to understand the opportunities and challenges of each trail alignment and to explore how each alternative knits into the community and coincides with the goals for the future of the Town of Cicero.


Cicero Public Input Session 6.28.2017 flyer