On June 19th and 20th, RHI will be hosting its annual adaptive water ski clinic at Cicero Red Bridge park. This event is for anyone who is physically disabled and would like to water ski.  RHI has specialized skis and cradles which will allow people with physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in the sport of water skiing.  They will be using the northern part of the lake INCLUDING the “NO WAKE” area in front of The Boathouse Restaurant and Red Bridge Marina. This is done with special permits from the DNR.  They will be followed closely by two jet skies with “jumpers” to assist them if needed.  Please feel free to come out and cheer for these folks and if you are a boater, please consider avoiding this area during these two days to give them smooth water to ski.  If you are interested in helping with this or if you know someone that would be like to be a participant, please visit RHI sports program Facebook page  and click events or call 317-329-2281 for more details.