March 18, 2015 News

As part of Severe Weather Preparedness Week (March 15-21) the National Weather Service (NWS) has selected Thursday, March 19 as the date for two Statewide Tornado Drills this year.  During the drills, NWS will send a Tone Alerted warning message over the NOAA Weather Radios.  Hamilton County Emergency Management will also be setting off the outdoor warning sirens.  Should actual severe weather be a threat on Thursday, March 19, the test will be pushed out to Friday the 20th.


There will be two drills initiated by NWS on Thursday March 19, both designed to allow counties to test warning sirens in a simulated emergency situation. The first test will be initiated at 10:15 am, and the second test will be initiated at7:35 pm.  The earlier test is primarily for the benefit of school participation and the majority of the workforce who are at their place of employment at that time.  The later test will allow families the opportunity to practice their own personal safety measures within their home.


Hamilton County will begin its weekly testing of the outdoor sirens beginning Friday March 27 @ 11:00am. It is important to remember that outdoor warning sirens are for outdoor warning only and may not be heard inside a home or business.