February 11, 2015 News

Last year’s Contractor’s Workshop was the first in a series of workshops providing training for those responsible for the installation, maintenance, and management of erosion & sediment control practices at stormwater permitted construction projects in Indiana, also known as a “Trained Individual”. This year’s workshop will not only provide training, but also include an optional testing portion. Attendees will receive a Record of Attendance and those taking & passing the test will receive an additional Certifi cate of Completion. All attendees will be registered in a database of Trained Individuals that local municipalities will reference when verifying contractor qualifi cations. More details & registration available at… http://tinyurl.com/2015ContractorsWorkshop

Training – $35 Testing – $50

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hamilton County Fairgrounds


Brought to you by the White River Alliance & the following MS4s: • Noblesville • Carmel • Cicero • Fishers • Westfi eld • Zionsville • Hamilton County • Muncie/Delaware County • Pendleton • McCordsville

eng_swpppTrained Individual Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does this program exist? Per 327 IAC 15-5-4, 15-5-5, and 15-5-7, the state requires a “Trained Individual” to oversee storm water pollution prevention plan implementation at permitted construction sites. Most local ordinances also carry the same requirement. This training is an opportunity for contractors to become knowledgeable in the installation, maintenance and oversight of storm water controls. The certification provides confirmation to regulatory authorities that the individual has met a minimum standard to be designated a “Trained Individual” in the participating MS4 communities.

2. What topics do the training and exam cover? a. Introduction, Regulatory Framework, and Overview b. Perimeter Controls c. Good Housekeeping d. Flow Control e. Inlet Protection f. Site Stabilization

3. How much is workshop? $35

4. How much is the certification/test and how long does it take? $50 with same day training/test.

5. How long is this certification good for? 2 years, then must re-certify by taking course and exam.

6. What communities are participating in this program? Carmel, Cicero, Fishers, Greenwood, Hamilton County, Muncie/Delaware County/Yorktown, McCordsville, Noblesville, Pendleton, Westfield, Zionsville.

7. When will it start? The first training/certification opportunity will be March 5, 2015 at the Contractor’s Workshop.

8. Do you accept other certifications? Most communities will accept the following available certifications: CESSWI, CPESC, CMS4S, CPSWQ, CISEC, SWAC QPI, INDOT (TBD)

9. What if I fail the test? 1 retake will be offered; $35 (date to be announced at workshop)

10. How many questions are on the test? 50images

11. What is a passing grade? 70%

12. Do I have to attend the training to take the test? Yes, you must present your training Certificate of Attendance to take the test and present a valid ID prior to taking the exam.

13. Do I have to take the test the same day as the training? Yes, unless it is the retake exam.

14. Does the training follow the person? Yes

15. Do I get the manual in advance? No. The manual will be provided at the training where attendance is required.

16. What do the test questions cover? The manual and presentations at the training. The training is designed to provide all of the information that you will need to pass the test.

17. Is the test open book? No

18. How will MS4s know I’m certified? The MS4 members of the White River Alliance will have a record of your training and certification. You will also be provided with documentation of your certification.

19. If I attend the workshop but don’t want to take the test, will I receive a Certificate of Attendance? Yes, you will be asked to sign in at the beginning and sign out at the end of the workshop. If you stay the entire length of the workshop, you will receive your Certificate of Attendance.