The Town of Cicero would like to provide updated information on the COVID-19 virus, and what preparations you can do to protect yourself, your family, and our community. The Town is following the recommendations from the CDC, State Health Department and the Hamilton County Health Department. That information is posted below, along with links to stay updated on the latest COVID-19 recommendations.

Town of Cicero Announces Health and Safety Measures Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Town of Cicero Announces Health and Safety Measures Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cicero, IN.-The Town of Cicero is re-activating health and safety measures to keep town employees and the community safe by restricting public access to all town owned buildings, with exception to Red Bridge Community Building.

“Public health and safety continue to be our top priorities and with the increase in the spread of COVID-19 within the community, we determined it was best to once again restrict public access to many of our town owned buildings and Departments,” said Dan Strong, Cicero Town Council President.

Beginning Monday, November 23rd the Town of Cicero will put the following procedures in place.  The Town will continue to monitor community spread and will re-evaluate risk exposure to determine the date to end these procedures.

  • The Town of Cicero is restricting public access to all town buildings, with exception to Red Bridge Community Building. Each department will remain open and will be able to address questions and concerns.  However, buildings will be closed for public access.
  • Payments to the Town of Cicero for utilities or transactions made through the Clerk-Treasurer’s office should be made using the drop payment box located at the Town Municipal Building, located at 331 East Jackson Street. Questions can be sent to the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 317-984-4900.
  • All town parks and shelters will remain open to be used by the public at your discretion.
  • The Community Building at Red Bridge Park will remain open to be used for meetings and events with approval by the Cicero Parks Department. To discuss meeting and event plans, please contact the Cicero Parks Department at 317-984-3475.
  • The building permit application can be submitted online at: or you can email C.J. Taylor, Cicero/Jackson Township Plan Commission Director at or you may call the Plan Commission office directly.
  • All Town provided utilities such as trash, recycling, water, and sewer, as well as maintenance of streets and sidewalks, will continue to be provided. However, the Cicero Street and Utilities Office at 1159 Stringtown Pike; Cicero, IN 46034 will be closed to the public.  If you have questions, you may contact the Street and Utilities Department at 317-984-4833.
  • The Town of Cicero Police Department and the Town of Cicero Fire Department will continue to operate as usual and will continue to provide for the safety needs of our community. Public Access to these buildings will be restricted.

Town department phone numbers are as follows:

Clerk-Treasurer:            317-984-4900

Water Department:        317-984-4833

Sewer Department:        317-984-5696

Street Department:         317-984-4833

Parks and Recreation:    317-984-3475

Building and Zoning:    317-984-5845

Police Department:       317-773-1282

Fire Department:           317-984-4575

The procedures listed are steps that have been taken to reduce the risk of exposure in public spaces.  Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for all practices we would like the citizens of Cicero to consider.

It is our goal to keep the public informed and to be able to continue town business as usual while keeping the community safe.  We plan to update the public as often as possible and encourage the community to support one another during this time.  Should you have questions or concerns regarding these temporary procedures, please do not hesitate to call the appropriate department or any of your Town Council members.  The list of Council members and contact information can be found on our website.

To stay informed, please visit and look for the heading under “For Immediate Release”.  To find out more information about the State’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit:

State Guidance

State of Indiana COVID-19 Website and Dashboard

Business Resources

Small Business Restart Fund

Gov. Holcomb approved $30 million in federal funding made available through the CARES Act to small business restart grants, helping accelerate the speed of economic recovery activity by providing working capital to cover certain expenses related to the global pandemic. Eligible Indiana small businesses can seek reimbursement for qualified business expenses, such as rent/mortgage payments, utilities, lease payments for real or personal property, and safety investments, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and infrastructure improvements.

State Websites/Resources

State of Indiana:  COVID-19 FAQ’s

Indiana State Department of Health Mask Information for Public Interaction

Mask Up Hoosiers State of Indiana Program

Mask Up Hoosiers- Health Recommendations General Handout

Mask Up Hoosiers-Back To School-MaskUp101

Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Testing Information State of Indiana

Centers for Disease and Control Prevention

How COVID-19 Spreads

Symptoms/Signs of COVID-19

Hamilton County Health Department Advisory: COVID-19 Preparedness

Synopsis:  The information below is shared by the Hamilton County Health Department.

The Health Department wanted to take a moment to help provide information regarding COVID-19 and to help safeguard you, your office, and your family. Below are a few facts and some additional references to further assist you.

  • Hand washing is the most effective method of preventing the spread of diseases, including COVID-19
    • Hands should be washed for at least 20 seconds, don’t forget to wash the backs of your hands, between the fingers, and underneath fingernails.
    • An alternative is to use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Wash surfaces often and in accordance with the cleaning product’s instructions
    • A study by the Journal of Hospital Infection found that other strains of coronavirus have the potential to remain on metal, glass, and plastic surfaces for two hours to nine days. According to the World Health Organization, the virus is unable to survive for long periods of time on packages or letters.
  • If you are sick stay home
    • You should be fever-free (below 1000) for 24 hours prior to returning to work.
  • The Health Department is working with the Board of Commissioners, County Council, and Emergency Management to develop best practices for continuing operations and keeping local and county services available to our constituents.

Below are some links for you to review. If you have any questions please contact the county health department.