November 14, 2014 News

Town of Cicero

Trash/Recycle Reminders

  • The GREY trash bin is for recycling.
  • Items are not to be bagged up when placed in the grey bin.
  • Recycling is collected every other Wednesday. The remaining days for 2014 are November 19, December 3, 17, and 31.
  • Acceptable Items to Recycle

Plastic Bags                                                     Cardboard

Newspaper Delivery Bags                            Boxboard (Cereal, Cake & Cracker Boxes)

Newspaper and Inserts                                Brown Paper Bags

Magazines and Phone Books                     Aluminum Cans and Foil

Soft Cover Books                                             All Plastic Bottles Marked 1 through 7

Office and School Papers

Glass Jars and Bottle (Please rinse-labels are ok)

Tin and Steel Cans (Please rinse and put lids in cans)

  • Unacceptable Items to Recycle

Styrofoam                                                         Ceramics

Light Bulbs                                                      Window Glass

Mirrors                                                             Wax Paper

Food-Soiled Paper                                         Plastic Flower Pots

Clear Dome Covers from Take-Out Trays

Microwaveable Food Trays

No Wax Paper, Wax Cardboard, or Wax Milk Cartons


  • The BLUE trash bin is for trash.
  • All items are to be bagged up when placed in the blue bin.
  • Trash is picked up every Wednesday.
  • All items must fit in the blue bin.
  • During the month of November you are allowed to have 10 additional bags per week of leaves. The leaves must be bagged up and sitting on the ground next to your blue bin.
  • Branches may be picked up any time during the year as long as they are no longer than 4′ and are inside of the blue bin. They will not be picked up if left on the ground.
  • 1 heavy item is allowed per customer per month. You must call in 1 week prior to desired Wednesday pick up in order to have this scheduled.  This does not include building materials.
  • Twice a year the Town does offer a Large Item Pick Up Day; this differs from the monthly 1 heavy item pick up by allowing you to set out more than 1 item. These dates change yearly.
  • No “Hazardous” items will be accepted. (TV’s, Any Appliances with Freon, Paint, Tires, Etc.)
  • If you have questions or need to schedule a heavy item pick up please call 317-984-4900.