October 9, 2013 News

The Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT) announced that Cicero has been designated as an IACT Green Community. Cicero will received its designation during an Annual Awards Luncheon, Oct. 7, at noon during the 2013 IACT Annual Conference & Exhibition in Indianapolis. “It was nice that the Town was able to receive recognition for all of our efforts to make Cicero a clean, vibrant Town to live in,” said Paul Munoz, Plan Director for the Town of Cicero.

IACT launched the Green Communities Initiative in 2008 to identify potential cost savings to communities facing budget shortfalls, promote economically competitive quality of life concepts, and ultimately serve as role models for citizens while better protecting our environment. “Communities like Cicero have got to find ways to be smarter with their money,” stated Jan Unger, Town of Cicero Clerk Treasurer, “Our department heads have been diligent in their efforts to cut costs while not sacrificing service whenever they can.” The initiative will expand educational opportunities for municipalities and create a consolidated clearinghouse of data and programs that can be accessed by municipalities.

To be recognized as an IACT Green Community, Cicero had to meet a minimum score on a 49-question survey in the areas of purchasing, operations, measuring success, and sample projects, with scoring considerations given to the size of the community and the likelihood it would or could implement certain types of programs.

IACT Green Communities Designation Recipients:

Carmel, Cicero, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Westfield, Whiting

2013 Green Community of the Year Award Winners:

Evansville, Westfield, Whiting