Hamilton County (One Hamilton County Square, Noblesville, IN, 46060) and the Town of Cicero (331 East Jackson St, Cicero, IN 46034) intend to continue to discharge stormwater into the following watersheds:

Watershed Name: 12-Digit Hydrologic Unit Code
Bear Creek 051202010504
Carmel Creek-White River 051202011003
Cool Creek 051202011001
Dixon Branch-Eagle Creek 051202011101
Dyers Creek-White River 051202010701
Flatfork Creek-Fall Creek 051202010808
Finley Creek-Eagle Creek 051202011103
Headwaters Cicero Creek 051202010602
Headwaters Mud Creek 051202010901
Hinkle Creek 051202010609
Lamberson Ditch-Duck Creek 051202010505
Lion Creek-Little Eagle Creek 051202011104
Little Cicero Creek 051202010608
Mallery Granger Ditch-White River 051202010705
McFadden Ditch-Lick Creek 051202010807
Morse Reservoir-Cicero Creek 051202010610
Prairie Creek 051202010601
Sand Creek-Mud Creek 051202010903
Scott Wincoop Ditch-Sugar Creek 051201100102
Shell Cemetary-Pipe Creek 051202010407
Teter Branch-Little Cicero Creek 051202010607
Thorpe Creek-Geist Reservoir 051202010809
Tobin Ditch-Cicero Creek 051202010605
Town of Perkinsville-White River 051202010310
Weasel Creek-Cicero Creek 051202010606
William Lehr Ditch-Stony Creek 051202010704
William Lock Ditch-Stony Creek 051202010703
Vestal Ditch-White River 051202011002


and is submitting a Notice of Intent to notify the Indiana Department of Environmental Management of the MS4 entity’s intent to comply with the requirement of the MS4 General Permit to discharge stormwater run-off.

Please address MS4 Program Questions to:

Gary Duncan-MS4 Coordinator

One Hamilton County Square, Suite 188, Noblesville, IN, 46060



Hamilton County Cicero Notice Of Intent Announcement