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Downtown Revitalization Plan

Cicero has worked hard in the last few years to push several initiatives forward to re-energize downtown.  The establishment of “Our Town Cicero”, the local Main Street Group is an example of this.  This plan is meant to focus that momentum towards key priorities, so future revitalization decisions will make the most impact, and continue to move Cicero toward the end goal–a vibrant, successful downtown.

Planning Process

This plan was developed using two means of public input–a steering committee and a public workshop.  The steering committee consisted of key town staff, elected officials, and representatives from “Our Town Cicero”, the official Main Street organization, as well as local business and building owners.  A detailed list of people on the steering committee can be found in the Acknowledgments section of the plan.  Throughout the process the committee met with the consultants to review preliminary research and provide input.  A public workshop was held at the community building in Red Bridge Park.  Local citizens were encouraged to attend and provide input.  Preliminary ideas were presented to a crowd of just under 30 people.  A question and answer period followed from which feedback and suggestions were gathered.

Plan Organization

The analysis and recommendations of this plan are presented in four main sections including:

Existing Conditions – Provides an overview of existing physical and market conditions within the project area.

Fundamentals – Outlines the fundamentals of downtown revitalization.

Priorities – Illustrates a conceptual master plan and prioritizes goals for each district.

Implementation – Recommends catalyst projects, initiatives, and strategies to implement this plan.

Where to Start?

This plan is intended to be used as a framework for long term redevelopment of downtown Cicero.  The implementation plan is structured to help set priorities and provide the necessary “next steps” to guide local leaders through the decision-making process.

Documents and Materials

Cicero Downtown Revitalization Plan Part 1 – May 2016

Cicero Downtown Revitalization Plan Part 2 – May 2016