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Golf Carts

The use of golf carts on streets within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Cicero, with the exception of St. Rd. 19, is permitted by ordinance. The ordinance is available on-line and at the police station. Some of the requirements of the ordinance are as follows:

  • The cart must be registered with the police department. ($20.00 annual fee or $10.00 temporary registration)
  • Liability insurance coverage must be provided by the owner *
  • A slow moving vehicle sign must be affixed to the rear of the cart
  • All Operators of the cart must have a valid driver’s license.
  • No operation after 10pm
  • All Golf Carts must have functional headlamps and tail lamps.

* – Insurance companies vary on how these vehicles are covered. Be sure to check with your agent to verify adequate coverage.

Please note the amendment to the Golf Cart Ordinance:

ORDINANCE NO. _____________________


WHEREAS, the Town Council of Cicero, Indiana, finds it to be in the best interest, health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the Town of Cicero to amend Chapter 77 (entitled Golf Carts) of Title VII of the Cicero Municipal Code of Ordinances by amending thereto Section 5 (entitled Required Equipment) and Section 6 (entitled Operation).

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Cicero, Indiana, as follows:

  1. Chapter 77, Section 5 of Title VII of the Cicero Municipal Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

All golf carts must be equipped with efficient brakes, reliable steering, safe tires and operational head lamps and tail lamps.  All golf carts must be equipped with a slow moving vehicle placard, prominently displayed on the rear of the golf cart.  Placards shall remain unobstructed at all times during golf cart operation.  All required equipment is subject to inspection and approval by the police department at any time.

2.Chapter 77, Section 6 of Title VII of the Cicero Municipal Code is hereby amended with the following addition:

The operator of any golf cart shall pull over in a safe area whenever possible to allow any overtaking motor vehicle to pass, so as not to impede the normal flow of traffic.

  1. All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.

4.Except as amended in this Ordinance, all of the terms, conditions, and provisions set forth in Chapter 77 of Title VII, of the Cicero Municipal Code of Ordinances shall remain in full force and effect.

This Ordinance shall become effective on the date of its passage and publication according to law.