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Subdivision Control Ordinances

Article One

Basic Provisions

1.4 Purpose

The purposes of the Subdivision Regulations is to protect and promote public health, safety and general welfare, and to:

A. Provide guidance of future growth and development in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and applicable ordinances.

B. Provide protection of the character and the social and the economic stability of all parts of the jurisdiction.

C. Encourage the orderly and beneficial development of all parts.

D. Provide protection and conservation of the value of land, buildings, and other improvements to the land.

E. Discourage conflicts between the uses of land and buildings.

F. Avoid scattered, illogical and uncontrolled subdivisions of land that would result in the imposition of an excessive expenditure of public funds for the distribution or supply of infrastructure and/or services.

G. Establish reasonable standards and procedures for subdivisions and re-subdivisions, in order to further the orderly layout and use of land.

H. Ensure proper legal descriptions, legal recording, and documenting of subdivided land.

I. Prevent the pollution of air, water and soil.

J. Ensure the provision of drainage facilities, safeguarding of the water table, and the protection from flooding or causing increased risk of flooding.

K. Encourage the protection of natural resources in order to preserve the integrity, stability, natural beauty, topography, and the value of land.

L. Plan for a balance between land uses, natural resources, open spaces, recreation, and public ways that is beneficial to the community as a whole, both current and in the future.

M. To cause the cost of design and installation of improvements in new, platted subdivisions to be borne by the developer and persons purchasing the lots, and to avoid any direct or indirect burden placed upon adjacent subdivision or the community as a whole.

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