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Development Standards

All structures, buildings, land uses, land use changes, structural alterations, structural relocations, demolitions, demolitions, structural additions, and structural enlargements that are constructed, created, established, or occur after the Effective Date of this ordinance (except as may otherwise be provided within this ordinance) shall be subject to all development standards and regulations for the applicable Zoning District.

7.2 Development Standards that Apply:

Under the sections below are Development Standards which are arranged by category. To determine which development standards apply to the subject Zoning District, refer to the “Additional Standards that Apply” section on the Two-Page spread for that subject Zoning District. The four digit codes noted in the “Additional Standards that Apply” sections for each Zoning district can be found in the sections below. Only the four digit codes noted in the “Additional Standards that Apply” section apply to that Zoning District.

{As an example, on page 4-3, the four digit code “LY-01” can be found under the “Additional Standards that Apply” section in the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) District. Therefore, the Development Standards following the section below labeled “LY-01” (on page 7-2) would apply to Neighborhood Commercial (NC) Districts.}