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Building Permits

No building, structure, or major infrastructure shall be erected, moved, added to, demolished, or structurally altered without a permit issued by the Zoning Administrator.

All our permits on our website are now fillable PDF’s (EXCEPT on mobile devices) for your convenience. Please fill out and email to: .

All residential dwellings Building Permit Application

New Construction Building Permit Application

Required Inspection Check List

Commercial building and improvements Commercial Permit Application

Exterior construction that adds to or alters the height or building materials of the existing structure. Building Permit Application

Electrical Service Upgrade, alterations, or electrical improvements Electrical Permit Application

Mini-barns less than 120 sq. ft. does not require a permit, Unless on any type of foundation. Accessory Structure Permit Application

Mini-barns over 200 sq. ft. require a foundation Accessory Structure Permit Application

Mini-barns under 200 sq. ft. do not require a foundation in most cases Accessory Structure Permit Application

Other detached residential accessory buildings (with foundation or overhead structures)
(Example: Gazebo, pergola, etc.) Accessory Structure Permit Application

Garages, carports and stables (detached and attached) Building Permit Application

Temporary Structures Temporary Structures Permit Application

Signs Sign Permit Application

All Swimming Pools Pool Permit Application

Fences Fence Permit Application

Alterations, modification, remodeling or additions to all structures Building Permit Application

Tents (commercial only) Accessory Structure Permit Application

Demolition needs Demolition Permit Application

Drive Cut PermitĀ Drive-Curb Cutting Permit Application

Road Cut Permit Application Road Cut Permit


Towers and/or antennas Contact Our Office

Drainage work Hamilton County Surveyors Office

Soil and Water Hamilton Co. Soil and Water Conservation District

Street cuts In Jackson Township, Contact the Hamilton County Highway Department

Curb cuts and or Driveway cuts/expansions Drive-Curb Cutting Permit Application

All agricultural buildings Building Permit Application

Storm sewer hook-ups Contact Our Office

Removal of trees and plants within buffer yards or landscaping required by the ordinance Contact Our Office

Adding/subtracting dwelling units or leased space in multifamily or commercial structures Contact Our Office

Manufactured or mobile home moving or placement Contact Our Office

Parking lot construction, alteration, expansion, or removal and paving of a gravel lot Contact Our Office

Ponds or lakes Pond Permit Application

Mineral extraction Contact Our Office

Telecommunication facilities Contact Our Office

Any Change of Use or expansion of use of property Contact Our Office