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Building Permits

No building, structure, or major infrastructure shall be erected, moved, added to, demolished, or structurally altered without a permit issued by the Zoning Administrator.

All permits on our website are now fillable PDF’s (EXCEPT on mobile devices) for your convenience. Please fill out and email to:

All residential dwellings: Building Permit Application

New Construction: New Construction Building Permit Application

Required Inspection Check List

Commercial building and improvements:  Commercial Permit Application

Exterior construction that adds to or alters the height or building materials of the existing structure: Exterior Construction Building Permit Application

Electrical Service Upgrade, alterations, or electrical improvements: Electrical-Permit-Application

Generator: Generator Permit

Mini barns less than 120 sq. ft. does not require a permit, unless on any type of foundation: Accessory-Structure-Permit-Application

Mini barns over 200 sq. ft. require a foundation: Accessory-Structure-Permit-Application

Mini barns under 200 sq. ft. do not require a foundation in most cases: Accessory-Structure-Permit-Application

Other detached residential accessory buildings (with foundation or overhead structures)
(Example: Gazebo, pergola, etc.): Accessory-Structure-Permit-Application

Garages, carports and stables (detached and attached): Garages, carports, and stables Building Permit Application

Temporary Structures: Temporary Structures Permit Application

Improvement Location: Improvement location Permit Application

Signs: Sign Permit Application

All Swimming Pools: Pool Permit Application

Fences: Fence-Permit-Application

Alterations, modification, remodeling or additions to all structures: Alterations Modification Remodeling Building Permit Application

Tents (commercial only): Accessory-Structure-Permit-Application

Demolition needs: Demolition Permit Application

Drive Cut Permit: Drive Curb Cutting Permit Application

Road Cut Permit Application: Road Cut Permit

Permit Extension Form: Permit Extension Application


Towers and/or antennas: Contact Our Office

Drainage work: Hamilton County Surveyors Office

Soil and Water: Hamilton Co. Soil and Water Conservation District

Street cuts In Jackson Township, Contact the: Hamilton County Highway Department

Curb cuts and or Driveway cuts/expansions: Drive Curb Cutting Permit Application

All agricultural buildings: All Agricultural Building Permit Application

Storm sewer hook-ups: Contact Our Office

Removal of trees and plants within buffer yards or landscaping required by the ordinance: Contact Our Office

Adding/subtracting dwelling units or leased space in multifamily or commercial structures: Contact Our Office

Manufactured or mobile home moving or placement: Contact Our Office

Parking lot construction, alteration, expansion, or removal and paving of a gravel lot: Contact Our Office

Ponds or lakes: Pond Permit Application

Mineral extraction: Contact Our Office

Telecommunication facilities: Contact Our Office

Any Change of Use or expansion of use of property: Contact Our Office